Aslan Bijuteri Unternehmen


Aslan Bijuteri ist ein Schmuckhersteller der für seine Produkte "Zamak" verwendet; die seit 1983 in Istanbul tätig ist. Wir sind stolz unsere Entwürfe in Istanbul national und ınternatıonal in achtundzwanzig Länder in Europa und den USA zu exportieren.

Aslan Bijuteri is a pewter manufacturer company operating in Istanbul since 1983.  We proudly wholesale our designs in Istanbul  nationally and and export to twenty eight countries  in Europe and USA.

Our  collection is inspired from authentic Turkish designs with a modern twist ,developed by our team of artists who constantly follow the fashion trends in Europe.

Some of our recent collections can be seen seasonally in Trade shows in Europe and USA.
Our no nickel, no lead contented pewter  artisan jewelry is an eyecatcher in many better boutiques.
Being one of the first pewter manufacturers in Turkey, Aslan Biju continues to grow overseas.
Please follow us online and in tradeshows with our most recent seasonal collections.